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Renewing Deflection



I've been a customer for quite a while, and I've decided to get back to using IPS for my forum needs. By checking my client area, I have some older themes in there. In this case I'm interested in the Deflection I have, but I'm only able to download Deflection34x_ipbfocus.zip from it, which is for IPB 3.4. Is there any way I can 'upgrade' to the newest one for 4.1? 

I'm also unable to renew my Dispersion theme, it says the following: "This theme subscription has expired. If you would like to download the latest version, please Renew Now!" but I cannot click on "Renew Now", nor can I find any invoices for it.

Would love some help on this, thank you! :)

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The Deflection theme which you purchased for 3.x is an entirely different version to the 4.x one and was not part of the subscription/renewal payment model. For this reason, the 4.x theme will need to be purchased from scratch.

The Dispersion theme on the other hand can be renewed. I'm not sure why the invoice wasn't auto created, however I've just done it manually for you :) 

Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to help!

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