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IP.Board 4.2

Canal World

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1 hour ago, Canal World said:


We may consider upgrading to IP.Board 4.2 when it's released. Will the Shift theme be compatible with this? If not, do you know roughly when it will be? (assuming IP.Board is released in mid 2017 as planned)


No. That theme and all the others will be need to be made compatible since there's a lot of changes in IPS 4.2 You will also most likely have to do a fresh install of your theme at that time. 

Also I would take Empire's Advice. It's better to upgrade until a lot of add ons and themes are made compatible for 4.2.x  

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Version 4.2 also features a refreshed AdminCP and default front-end design. Theme changes in 4.2 are mostly in the CSS framework so your existing themes will either work without issue or require minor changes to work in the new version.

From: https://invisionpower.com/news/ips-community-suite-42-coming-soon-r998/

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