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Awesome themes + great support!


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IPSfocus and Ehren has really impressed me.

In the day and age of designers offering less support, along with diluted features and mediocre designs - I find the whole range of IPSfocus to be absolutely amazing. I feel each theme sets a very higher standard, all of which shares a similar appearance but each offer different personalizes. You can tell they are highly customized and coded with care, this is even more evidenced by the impressive support offered.

Not only can you customize the themes appearance as you wish, you can edit many options in-built which adds for great flexibility.

The guest message and footer options are a great touch, many IPS themes fail to make these work but not here.

I've gotten to the point whereby I actually don't consider looking elsewhere, I think I won't be the only one and I hope to see future designs released in addition the already released themes.

If your looking for a theme, you won't regret buying from this site.

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