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Payment options and Question



I'm looking to pay by paypal balance but my only options are my bank cards that I wish not to use. Is it possible to use my paypal balance? or send it somehow from paypal balance.


Do I need to renew the theme monthly etc or is it just a 1 time purchase?

Also will I just recieve the .zip of the files to upload to my website or will it be hosted here? > If hosted here can I use my own URL?

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Hello @Kezzy

Regarding the PayPal , you can transfer funds from your cards into PayPal to make a balance there and then if you pay by PayPal it should use your balance. 

I can't remember if the theme initial purchase gives you 1 year of updates and then after that The renewal fee is once every 6 months and is optional, if you don't plan on updating your IPBoards software (you do have this right? ) then you can just choose not to pay the renewal for your theme. I believe it's $10 renewal but I would have to double check. 

Best to pay the renewal fee for continued updates and support from Ehren. 

As for the file itself, you can download from this Site and upload the .xml theme file directly to your Site via AdminCP

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