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Seems quicker getting a response here


Sorry to be the rule breaker but i sent an email a while ago about a new skin and im a very impatient man so i thought id simply post it here too :lol: just to make sure it gets seen. I understand you have a backlog of work but the last thread was 2 weeks ago so hopefully im catching you at a good time.

Okay to save time ive decided to just fill out all the things you asked for lol so that you can have a better idea of what im after.

Name of site GameSkank

URL of site http://www.gameskank.net

IPB Version v2.3.1

Overview of site Its a general gaming website that also deals with anime and manga as well. Parts of the site are also geared towards computer games development as well.

Description of skin (including colours, shades, and images)

Basically this skin 'http://www.ipbforumskins.com/portfolio/TutorialFx.png' but with some changes. I would like you to revamp our logo as well as change the manupilation area to a rotating news reel (if thats possible) for us to put up images for latest reviews released etc. Edit the post icons so that instead of just an orange circle we have our logo on it, but still keeping the orange theme. Ill also need some of the headers changed near the top but most of them can stay. Is it possible to get an RSS ticker going at the top? Displaying topics from a certain subforum? There are other small things i would like to have as well, but ill talk them over with you if we can agree a price. Im looking into having a portal as well, but if its gonna add to the price alot perhaps not.

Examples of work/websites that you like http://www.ipbforumskins.com/portfolio/TutorialFx.png, that site as well as sites such as www.consolemonster.com who have some great design ideas.

Any logo's or images that you would like to be used

Ive attached a rough sketch of how i would like our logo to roughly look like, if you can make it look better and revamp it i would be over the moon.

I look forward to working with you


- Alex Devereaux-Ward

Extra Questions

1) How much does it cost to get your link removed? I understand why you would have one for free skins, but if were paying money for custom ones is it really necessary? :blink:

2) If in the future we would like you to make small changes, do we have to pay top money again? Or can we work something out to add a few things here and there?

3) Can we expect a discount if were after something very similar to something youve already made?

4) Do you make logos too? Im hoping you do ^_^

:thumbs: Wow one guy on his own, i take my hat off to you sir

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