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Pure "custom.css" theme requiring no updates

Would you be interested in a pure custom.css theme?  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a pure custom.css theme?

    • Sure!
    • I prefer full-featured themes

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Hi everyone,

I've been considering the idea of releasing a few "pure custom.css themes" which have no HTML modifications. They would be minimal themes and wouldn't include any of the standard ipsfocus features such as a background picker, social icons, guest message, etc - however it means the theme would be compatible with every 4.x version of IPS.Suite since all of the modifications would be made within custom.css

The themes would be cheaper than standard ipsfocus themes and would be a one time payment rather than a subscription since updates won't be necessary. Before investing time though, I thought it would be best to gather thoughts first. :)  So.. thoughts?

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I'd be interested, but it's really going to depend on how much cheaper. New IPS will still occasionally require some updates/edits to it as new features are added which will need styling or adjusting.

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I voted the way I feel, I like full-featured.  

However, there may well be a market for minimal themes.  I have seen ridiculously ugly minimal themes sell for what I consider ungodly amounts for the hideous nature of the themes.  However, this is you/IPSFocus we are talking about, which, in my opinion, releases only the best themes you can get.

So with that being said, I am confident that any minimal themes you create would be worth whatever you did charge.  

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