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Found 1 result

  1. This method can be used to add customised group icons per theme, it's especially useful for the PRO version of the IPS Focus. Originally shared by Newbie LAC over on IPS - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/458885-group-team-icons-per-theme/?do=findComment&comment=2833179 Simply login into your ACP > Themes > Theme Resources When adding your first group icon, you should follow these settings. Then add: .cAuthorGroupIcon[src*="admin.png"] { content:url({resource="gicons/filename.png" app="core" location="front"}); } Make sure that the 'filename.png' is amended to show the correct file name. Next: Repeat the same process as above for other group icons, however, select 'choose existing folder' as you have already created one. Select existing folder 'gicons'. Then upload the alternative icons. Make sure you swap out the names per each group, ensuring the code above is modified for each icon you wish to use. src*="admin.png" must be swapped out per each icon. example gmod.png for global moderators (ensure you check your existing group icon titles) { content:url({resource="gicons/admin_dark.png" app="core" location="front"}); } defines where your new upload can be reached, ensure "admin_dark.png" is the name of the actual file in which you upload. Once you have added each group icon to your custom.css and, included the resources for the theme - you should see the result in which you seek. Note: It's useful to comment out each different item in which you add to your custom.css This is useful so that you can identify areas within the custom changes that you have made, but also it helps third-party devs locate them too. /* Add Appropriate Title */ If you choose to do this, make sure it starts before the CSS and after.
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