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Found 2 results

  1. Google's huge Mobile Update is today. Google is updating it's site and search engine to improve results based on if websites (and their forums) support mobile viewing. Now your first thought is "wait, IPB already has a mobile skin, so what?" - well this new system google has put in place may not be viewing your mobile skin. First thing everyone should do to see if they even need to continue reading this topic is go to here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ This Mobile Friendly checker will let you put in your website, And your forums (make sure to check http://yourwebsite.com/forumsas it is separate from your website's design). If the mobile-checker can view your forums' mobile theme, then you have nothing further to do . If however, the checker claims your forums are not fit, and you do have a proper working mobile theme, then all you need to do is update your forums systems to tell the google bot this. Invision addressed the issue recently in preparation for this day, and I'm re-sharing it with my communities since today is the big day after all. To fix the issue, check out this: http://www.invisionpower.com/support/kb/_/34x-google-mobile-friendly-issues-r75
  2. Hi, I am new here and also new to invisionpower. To be honest, I am still researching if I should buy ips or vbulletin. I have some queries before I buy your theme. 1. I liked your Concise forum skin http://www.ipsfocus.com/premade/concise/index.php. But I found it is not responsive. Is there any chance or hope that you guys will make it responsive and when? Also, for now, if it is not responsive; then is there any mobile version of this skin? 2. To check if the theme is suitable in mobile and tablets or not, I checked the concise skin demo from my mobile, it didn't show any concise theme but instead is shows plain (or regular/normal) forum skin/look. Please clarify this. And if I buy concise theme, will it be the same in mobile for me too? Or have you used any addon or such for this mobile look? Or is it a default feature from invisionpower itself? 3. After purchase, do you provide any support and instruction on how to install the theme and how to do minor changes like color change or logo change etc.? 4. Is this theme can be used and is compatible with ips cloud? I haven't yet bought ips license, but as I am new, I am planning to buy ips cloud to test it for a month or two. Again, I will be using concise theme in ips cloud, is there any issue or restriction? Please clarify. 5. This skin is compatible with latest version of both ips cloud and self-hosted version, right? Warmly regards, Abid H.
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