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  4. Hi @biaggi Have you ever used the "Upload new version" feature in the past? If so, it's likely that your theme wasn't upgraded correctly, which is resulting in the above message. In this situation, I'd suggest downloading the latest version of Brave and installing it once you've upgraded your site
  5. Hi everyone, If you're using the latest version of your IPSfocus theme (from June 22), you don't need to upgrade it for 4.4.6 since there are no template changes required If you are using an older version of your theme/software and you want to upgrade, I would suggest downloading and installing the most recent version from the Client Area.
  6. It’s almost midnight here but I’ll check this first thing in the morning!
  7. Usually they are made public here: Since 4.4.6 was released only a couple of hours ago, I'd wait some time...
  8. Earlier
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  10. Are the template differences between 4.4.4 and 4.4.5 specific to the stock theme? 🙂
  11. That doesn’t seem like it’s IPS forum software.. 😕
  12. Me aparece el sitio sin estilo, espero me ayudes
  13. OK, that's now seems to be good. Thank you for you help.
  14. The ipsfocus demo board has the latest version of Chameleon
  15. Grrr... Sorry. Something is wrong with my template and last update. I try again. It will help me if you could show me a Forum with Chameleon 4.4.4 or 4.4.5.
  16. Does it say what template files are incompatible? I just checked your site and it seems to be using the 4.3.3 version from May, 2018..
  17. 4.4.4 ! (screenshot in french, sorry)
  18. I received no warnings when updating my development board, and the template report on the IPS site doesn’t list any relevant template files. Were you using the 4.4.4 version of the theme, or was it an older version? If the latter, you can download and install the 4.4.4 version of the theme and it’ll work fine on 4.4.5
  19. Sorry, I don't understand. A message from IPS invite us to update the template after update 4.4.5.
  20. I'm pleased to announce that there are no template updates required for IPS 4.4.5. You can continue to use your existing theme without any issues
  21. I don’t have a solution unfortunately. You’ll need to wait for someone else to reply, or ask on the IPS forums
  22. Don't you have anything in mind that can help me? How any pages, links/sub pages allow sidebar, but in my home page doesn't
  23. Hello, If the issue is also happening with the default IPS theme, I’d suggest posting on the IPS forum to ask for advice
  24. Hey guys! I'm having some issues with sidebar blocks, I can add sidebar in any location of my Forum (for example in Activity or Leaderboard), except in my home page. I click in the arrow in the left side and I can drag the icons anywhere I want to, but in my index page when I open the bar don't exist a "Edit" in my homepage and I can't drag and drop Itens. Can anyone help me? About in the other areas I can drag sidebar but in my homepage isn't possible
  25. Ehren


    Hello, I don't believe any accounts have been banned recently. What was your username?
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