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  2. Whats the name for the skin

    Unfortunately this theme isn’t for sale, sorry!
  3. Whats the name for the skin

    I have another site - and just curious if the skin on this very site IPSFOCUS is for sale on here? I really like the header-setup on this site.
  4. Know everyone a solution, how I can to adjust this: My forum has already installed this app (Advanced Tags & Prefixes 3.1.8) and I am very happy with this app, but only one thing is missing what I miss this. This prefix feature so that these forums with prefix do not appear for members in specific groups (not visible). In mean for example: a member XY is in a group (car) and a member XX is in a group (truck). A member XY has opened a forums and prefix required field (cars). And a member XX (in group truck) can not see, read or access forums of member A (in group car). I mean, forums are invisible to members who are in group (trucks). PS: Not topic mean, so: fora or forum! Thank you so much for helping.
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  6. Groups block in sidebar

    Nevermind i found a way with TXT / PHP widget.
  7. How can i add to my sidebar block that shows the list of groups? I remember i saw this feature on one IPS forum, but i cant remember which one.. Did they remove that feature? I have the latest version of IPS. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm using Snap + for Snapchat to add new features to Snapchat for FREE!

  9. Theme Version

    Great, makes sense, thanks!
  10. RT @Aaron_Endicott: Congrats to winner of my Logo Giveaway! Let me know if you guys enjoyed me hosting a giveaway to make a video around t…

  11. RT @mura_pole: #2017年自分が選ぶ今年の4枚 彩度高め〜低めまで色々挑戦できてよかったです!

  12. susu kambing paling terkenal

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  14. Theme Version

    At the very bottom of _ipsfocus_base.css, you’ll see a “last modified class” which tells you the date of the last update. To stay notified of updates, simply follow this topic and you’ll be notified via email. Announcements are also posted on the Facebook and twitter accounts
  15. Theme Version

    What's the easiest way to tell what version of the theme I currently have installed is? Once I know that how do I know if the version in my customer dashboard for download is newer?
  16. Viemos revolucionar a indústria ganhar dinheiro com a música Quando tu ver o bonde passando pode ligar o disque denúncia

  17. Black Friday Sale: 30% off all themes!

    Yes - no problem at all. I just got the offer in my fb-feed long time afterwards Looks promising, and I will check it more out before I consider making it public. I used your skin elegant in the 3.4 series - and my members was extremely happy with that one. After 4.x I stick with default, but default starts to look dated..
  18. Black Friday Sale: 30% off all themes!

    Unfortunately as mentioned in the original post, the coupon was only valid until December 3. Regardless, the Dimension theme is one of my favorites so I’m sure your members will enjoy it too!
  19. Black Friday Sale: 30% off all themes!

    Hello Ehren I suppose to use the coupon but it was not possible during checkout.. anyway - look forward to use Dimension on one of my sites.,.
  20. Purchased theme on IPS Marketplace

    Hi edums4lyfe! Thanks for your order - welcome to ipsfocus
  21. @LiquidOllywood Should have used the force

  22. RT @yonema: boy.

  23. Greetings! I recently purchased the Spectrum theme from the IPS Marketplace. It said to message the main admin here to be upgraded so we can see the support area - however, once I sent the message, I noticed it said that PMs weren't answered for support so here is my next try lol. The purchase was done today
  24. winter has arrived on Mars! Today's low is -110.2F and its high -14.8F — I hope the Curiosity Rover packed a seasonal wardrobe

  25. I just picked up free graphics for my stream - via @TwitchOverlay

  26. S'il vous plait pour les non liberticides soutenez @laquadrature c'est important #LibertyAndPrivacy

  27. 30% OFF! Black Friday Sale November 24 - December 3 For the first time, Black Friday sales are available at ipsfocus and will be running for an extended period from November 24 - December 3. All themes including copyright removal are reduced by 30% by entering save30 as a coupon during checkout. If you're looking for a new theme for 2018, now's the time to take advantage of the discount!
  28. RT @BialCitou: ”Não permita que o comportamento dos outros destrua a sua paz interior.” -Dalai Lama

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