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  2. 4.3 beta available

    Installed on test site. Some template problems due to changes in 4.3 but overall it looked quite decent Still, some things died but that was custom stuff. Waiting for some updates and I guess I'll roll this on live.
  3. 4.3 beta available

    I hope the fixed the template issue!
  4. 4.3 beta available

    4.3 beta has landed today, I'm going to install it on my test site and see if / how it breaks stuff . Soooo excited . @Ehren will you be starting theme upgrades during the beta or after full release? Of course I'm aware that it's a lot of work and time. Just curious
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  6. Thanks for letting me know jonp. I’ll look into this today. In the mean time, feel free to send me a PM with your request and I’ll get back with a quote
  7. Hi Ehren, I'm trying to submit a request for a custom theme but every time I click the button to submit it, the page just reports a HTTP 500 error.
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  10. Themes current version in Shop

    Thank u Ehren answering this question for me. Was curious cause the shop on this site does not specify exactly what versions a theme is coded for, but this clears it up.
  11. Themes current version in Shop

    They're always compatible with the latest version of the suite. So, yes.
  12. Hi Ehren, I was wondering about the current themes in your Shop here on the website. I know Ips v4.2.8 was released and I have not upgraded as of yet. Have not had the chance too, but I am going to. My question is this... Are the theme in the Shop her coded for Ips v4.2.8 I am asking cause I will be purchasing one, just have not decided which one yet.
  13. To be honest, my usage of the "Upload new version" feature is quite limited because I manually update all of my themes. But from customer feedback, it seems quite broken in some situations. I've tested the method used in this tutorial and it seems to retain theme settings, however you'd need to install a fresh version of Titan to use this method - it's not something which can be done retroactively.
  14. I purchased Titan from the IPS Marketplace. I did not understand about parent and child themes at the time so installed it as is. Since then, we have made lots of edits so that it reflects our site aesthetics. I will, of course, copy and save a backup of my custom.css before I make any changes (updates). So, here are my question... Will I lose all of my customizations when I upload the updated xml? Should I simply follow the upgrade instructions at the beginning of thise thread? Is there a way to retroactively set up the parent/child theme? Thank you for any and all help.
  15. Javascript improvements and bug fixes

    I'd suggest contacting Invision for a solution. I don't believe this is caused by my code
  16. Javascript improvements and bug fixes

    Whenever I try upload in the AdminCP it brings me to a new page on my forum and says the page you requested does not exist and doesn't actually upload it.
  17. False Buy

    The refund was sent 5 hours ago, sorry about that!
  18. False Buy

    İf you not refunded ,You add titan themes and copyright remove because I waiting bank.
  19. What is the theme of this forum?

    This theme is custom made for ipsfocus - it's not available for sale in the store, sorry!
  20. False Buy

    Hello, I've just refunded your purchase for you. Feel free to go ahead and purchase the correct items
  21. I would like to buy THIS theme, what is it called?
  22. False Buy

    Hi Guys, I want buy titans themes and copyright remove.But I buyying false 2x copyright.I need help.
  23. Happy Saturday! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend as far as possible ^F

  24. RT @animeherald: Boogiepop Phantom Gets a New TV Series; First Visual, Cast, Staff Revealed

  25. Javascript improvements and bug fixes

    Is there anyway we can patch manually without having to upload and make all the edits to our existing themes? Or is there a lot of changes?
  26. Can sure now? Thanks EDIT: You also uploaded the regular update. No need for now.
  27. Javascript improvements and bug fixes

    Due to a last minute bug with social icons, all themes have been patched again today. The latest version appears to be bug-free, apologies for any inconveniences from yesterdays version!
  28. Replacing the parent is correct, as mentioned in the tutorial
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