Celebrating 10 years of IPS themes and IP.Board skins

Since it's inception in 2006, my sole goal for ipsfocus has been to provide high quality support and themes to the entire IPS community.

Over the past decade, ipsfocus has grown to become a leader in theme development, and is fortunate enough to have reached it's 10th birthday - a milestone which has exceeded all of my initial expectations and one which would not have been possible without the dedicated and loyal customers who have supported this site throughout its lifetime.

A look back: March, 2006

Officially launching as ipbforumskins on March 12, 2006, the site was essentially an experiment to see if anyone was interested in purchasing skins which I created as a hobby for IPB 2x. Internet Explorer 6 dominated browser usage at 84%, the iPhone hadn't been released, Chrome hadn't been developed and many of todays css properties didn't even exist as prototypes.

June, 2010

A few years and a few redesigns later, ipbforumskins had a large array of skins on offer for IPB 3x which was in early stages of release. Web technologies were evolving, and Firefox and Chrome were slowly gaining popularity - still outdone by Internet Explorer. Touch screen mobiles had just evolved into tablets, and responsive websites followed as a result.

June, 2014

'Skins' were rephrased in IPS 4x to 'themes', so a name change from ipbforumskins to ipbfocus (and later to ipsfocus) seemed appropriate. The site was redesigned as part of the name change, and ipsfocus was made responsive to keep up with internet trends.

March, 2016

10 years after it's initial opening, ipsfocus is welcoming dozens of new customers each week. With some of the most popular and customizable IPS themes available, and with active support forums, ipsfocus customers can easily modify their themes to their requirements with little effort and maximum results.

To those who have used my products on your own sites - you've helped me turn a small hobby into a successful theme store for IPS products, and I'm forever grateful for your support, so thank you!