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  • Instant access After purchasing a theme, your account is automatically upgraded to customer status, providing access to your theme & unlocking all categories in the forums!
  • Cross browser compatibility These themes are tested across popular modern browsers, ensuring your visitors don't run into any issues while browsing your forum.
  • Modern css3 techniques CSS3 is used to create neat effects (such as drop shadows, rounded corners and css gradients), which degrade neatly in older browsers.
  • Compatible with official IPS addons These themes are compatible with the latest versions of official IPS applications such as Downloads, Gallery, Blogs, Calendar, IP.Content, Chat and Nexus.
  • Customizable Settings All themes can be customized easily by modifying the theme settings within the admin cpanel, allowing you to easily enable or disable features on your forum without modifying any code!
  • Solid Framework A solid framework theme is used as the base of all themes, resulting in fast upgrades (for new IP.Board versions) and bug fixes.
  • High quality support If you ever need any assistance, ask at the support forums for a fast reply! They're monitored daily so a quick fix is never far away.
  • Solid experience with IPB themes Started in 2006, this site has proven to be one of the most popular commercial IPB skinning sites around.
  • Extra theme features Additional features are included with certain themes: custom forum icons, social links, drop down menus, a guest message, customizable topic view and more!
  • Optional copyright removal For an optional additional fee, copyright removal allows you to remove the "IPB Theme by IPSFocus" link at the bottom of the design.
  • Affordable subscription plans & benefits Receive unlimited support & updates for only $10.00 every 6 months. Cancel any time and continue using the current version for free! Discounts also apply to all themes for existing customers.
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